I Don’t Think We Can Heal It


“Oh, behold! The great unfurling.”

So, yeah. I hope it begins with, “Oh, behold! The Great Unfurling.” That’s what this will be called; the cultural and societal breakdown that it feels like we, humankind, are currently submerged in: “The Great Unfurling.” I Googled that phrase and it exists. Some musician I’m not familiar with wrote a song called exactly that, but I don’t want to dilute this fucker. Forward! Toward, “The Great Unfurling.”2                                      


But. Okay. So that first part is stated and then whoever or whatever is writing about us can just get into it. The challenges that we’re seemingly facing each day on all fundamental fronts. Something about the US giving up on steering their system, idealism disappearing, the growth of inequality, the breakdown of family, the annihilation of plurality and commonality, the rejection of science, economic nationalism, global warming, sensationalist media, globalization challenging traditional cultural identity, some stuff about extremism and fanaticism giving rise to Nazism, Facism, and probably, maybe, Communism.3


Maybe that’s too much Billy-Joel’s-We-Didn’t-Start-The-Fire. Maybe future media is more interactive and dynamic and so some androgynous voice just begins with, “Oh, behold!” atop an instrumental of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and some revolving imagery of police brutality, acts of abuse, and our overindulgent culture of consumption…


What’s important here is that our story begins with, “Oh, behold!”4