Sneaky Petey L(a)UNCH

There have been two important people in our lives that have tragically lost their beloved or not so beloved hamsters in the confines of their own homes.  We are still navigating the greater meaning of these coinciding events. One hamster forgotten and incidentally starved under a bed, the other, an escaped bandit headed for greater pastures and for all we know, with success. Two separate hamsters, heroically laying their lives on the line for what turned into two separate tales of maybe life or maybe yearning, possibly relating to time. Whatever it was, they brought us together, so may those little dirt munchers ride their pale horses into the sunset of a flickering bathroom light.    


We would like to hear about your hamsters. Whether it’s about standing around in your swimsuit with your tampon string flying freely any which way. Or how the linoleum floor design in your childhood bathroom got you through some drawn out digestive setbacks. We aren’t opposed to crying either… as you can tell by this extremely sad launch to the blog and website. You can contribute through short story, meme, poem, porn, video, music video and so on. As a bonus, our in house animator Taryn Cowling will be drawing portraits of every single contributor in exchange for your entries. 


This is the start of Sneaky Petey. You can now officially subscribe to the blog updates and share this post on Facebook. You also then have the freedom to unsubscribe if it all goes to shit. At the end of the day, at least this isn’t a Pepsi commercial. 

Interested in contributing?