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Why is this happening?

Sneaky Petey is a publication that was started to practice the art of following through. Because we are so good at not making money, 100% of Sneaky Zine's funds go towards an organization of our choice for every edition. All funds from "So chill and outdoorsy" go to @plannedparenthood! Sneaky has a thing for new projects and working with other creative or non-creative people.

***Anything in the shop other than the zines is sold for profit.



— National Geographic



Lindsay Wells (Visual Artist + Writer) & Erin O'Connor ( Visual Writer) are very Canadian. Lindsay is a cowgirl raised in the rockies with a passion for nudes and crying.Erin is a playgirl raised in the prairies with a passion for not being able to dance or limbo. They met in the rockies but became friends in Vancouver, BC (because Lindsay is an asshole).
This is how Sneaky Petey was born,  not out of love but out of convenience and the potential to be better.


Shanique Khalil (Writer + DJ) is the Editor of the BLOG. Shanique is a Vancouver born and raised artistic person.She is a Capricorn who likes to do far too many things at once. Currently that list includes djing and planning parties in an attempt to make Vancouver nightlife a place where fun isn’t exclusively had by cis-het white men. 
Shanique is passionate about cats, intersectionality, and living your best life.